frequently asked questions

Angels Among Us Animal Rescue FAQ'S

Yes, our pets are up to date on shots, and we keep a medical record for each pet.

Yes, our pets are all spayed and neutered before they are adopted out.

Some of the pets are not heartworm negative when we receive them into our rescue. However, we do have the pets' heartworm treated if they do have heartworms.

Yes, we do keep our pets 3 months old and older on heartworm prevention, and we keep a medical record for each pet.

Yes, we give the adopters records from the vets that the pets have been to and also a medical record sheet from us showing what medication the pet has had, when the pet was spayed/neutered, when the pet had his/her shots including rabies, when the pet was dewormed, etc. 

The adoption fee does not even come close to what we have spent on these animals. It is very expensive vetting animals and housing them. We rely on donations and fundraisers to help with the cost as well as the adoption fee.

We rescue from high kill shelters. We rescue stray dogs off the street and owner surrender dogs that are headed to the shelter. If these animals are not rescued or adopted out, they are euthanized. These shelters are small shelters and can not house a lot of animals. These animals who are "strays" or owner surrenders deserve a second chance of life. They should not be thrown away like garbage. They are ANGELS who deserve to live.